A world without boundaries is a better place

The Why

We are Localyze. From our own experience we know that moving to a foreign country is always a challenge. At the same time, we know many internationals who moved to Germany and faced equal challenges. The number of internationals coming to Germany is strongly increasing as more and more companies recruit internationally. We believe that international mobility can be beneficial for all. Companies can combat shortage of skilled workforce, internationals have a chance for improving their economic situation and society can be positively impacted through increased diversity. For this reason, we developed a software solution that facilitates international mobility and relocation for both sides, contributed our part to overcome borders and increase cultural understanding.

The Team

Hanna Asmussen

Hanna lived in China, Italy and the Dominican Republic during her studies and experienced the struggle of relocating first hand - for example when she almost forgot to register with the police in China within the first 48 hours. She started off in the energy sector and went into management consulting, before she started Localyze together with her two co-founders. She is responsible for finance, marketing and investor relations.

Lisa is the HR specialist in the team. She worked in relocation management for a large gaming company for three years and relocated people from more than 60 countries to Germany. After gaining more experience as HR generalist in a startup, she founded Localyze together with Hanna and Franzi. She is now responsible for sales and customer happiness, as well as the wellbeing of the Localyze team.

Lisa Dahlke

Franziska Löw

Franzi started her career as an economist, discovered her passion for numbers and programming and became our most favorite techie. Her passion is data science and data processing which she successfully applies at Localyze. She is responsible for the product, both programming and content and quickly solves every new challenge you throw at her.

Our values


Working in a team means to be fair, accept honest communication and always be helpful. Our actions are based on esteem and mutual acceptance


We support and care about individual development. We think that personal responsibility will encourage the best possible ideas


A flexible and innovative working ethic is our core. Out of the box thinking is a must for us


We assume full responsibility for our customers, for their very own story with their individual challenges. That is why we put all our heart in each relocation story to provide the best service. We want to be a part of your story!

Creating Change

We believe in a world without boundaries We want to bridge the gap between cultures We create social value by connecting people from different countries